4 Essential Equipment's For Starting Seeds Indoors

If you’re a devoted gardener, buying flowers, veggies, and fruits as starts just doesn’t feel right. You want to start your garden from scratch, which means starting your plants from seeds.

However you’re going to need some seed starting gadgets if you are going to do it right.

Seedling Starter Trays for Seed Germination:

Seedling Starter Trays for Seed Germination

Basically, any container that can store up to 2 inches of soil will do the trick. you do not want to use a container that may be get damaged by water (such as egg carton), as you’ll be watering the seedlings frequently. That’s why plastic Trays serve as the best choice for starting seeds, as they can’t be damaged by water.

They also need to have holes in the bottom of the container. To make sure that water that drain through the soil has a way to escape through. They also need to have holes in the bottom. to make sure that water that seeps through the soil has somewhere to escape through. The very last thing you want is for your plants to rot because the roots are sitting in stagnant water for a long time.

Like this “720 Cells seed Starter Trays” they’re ideal for use with nursery pots and cheaply priced for home gardeners and hobbyists!

Seed Starter mix for Seed Germination:

Seed Starter mix for Seed Germination

You need to make certain that the soil which your seeds are going to be planted in is fertile, and contains the proper balance of nutrients, and has the right pH balance to supply your growing seeds with a healthy environment to grow in. To do that, you’ll have to find the right seed starting mix.

I recommend Epsom Organic Seed starting mix. This is my go-to seed starting mix. It’s organic, it promotes root growth, and works perfectly for nearly any plants you would like to start indoors.

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Grow Lights For Starting Seeds Indoor:

In order for plants to grow, they need 4 things: light, Heat, Water, Nutrients. Heat lamps provide 2 of the needed crucial ingredients, making them a very important part of your seed-starting operation!. Seedlings that don’t get enough sunlight tend to grow weak and look very frail. However if the sun isn’t out for that many hours daily, what can you do? That is where Grow Lights come into play!

Even if you put your seedlings on a windowsill, they still won’t get the right amount of sunlight needed. But with heat lamps, you offer both the light and the heat needed for your plants to grow. You will speed up the growth and encourage healthy, tough plants.

I recommend EnviroGro 4-Tube Fixture. It’s an amazing lighting fixture that I have used to start seeds for many seasons.

Heating Mats For Starting Seeds Early:

Plant Heating Mats For Starting Seeds Early

There are many of plants (like peppers and tomatoes) that grow exceptionally in soil that has been warmed. If you’re attempting to start these plants from seeds, you’ll need a heat mat.

A heat mat is placed below the seed-starting Tray, where the heat get absorbed by the soil. The plants that require warmed soil grow quicker because their environment is customized to their needs.

I recommend this Large and Cheap Heat Mat from VIVOSUN. It’s very big and does a fantastic job for seed germination.

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