A Comprehensive guide to grow and preserve a sustainable harvest of vegetables

I bought this book at the recommendation from an acquaintance who has her own kitchen garden. First, I checked it out at the library to see if it might be useful to me and got so excited about gardening that i made a decision to buy it. I had never gardened here in Virginia. I grew up in Colorado where gardening is a challenge.

One of my child hood chores was Pruning & Weeding and watering a garden that never produced a single vegetable. So needless to say I had a bitter root (ha ha) regarding farming. After I heard about this book I wanted to attempt it for myself. This book clearly display in detail what to start with as a novice, how to do it, what to expect, and how to continue once you’ve got it up and running.

I was totally skeptical that I could really grow anything despite what this book said. I started with Spinach, red peppers, rosemary, and kaleidoscope carrots, rosemary, lavender, bee balm, and blueberries. I planted everything in big flowerpot on my deck as a trial run (will plant in raised beds next year now that know what to do) and my garden was a hit. Now it’s one of my favorite spots to be.

You can get the book from here – Amazon

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