Did you know that you can use wood ash in the garden? Yes you can!

How to use wood ash in the garden:

Ash was used hundreds of years in agriculture. It recycles the nutrients back into the soil. It is often used as fertilizer but does not have nitrogen. It aids in the increase of the earths ph level which in exchange, aids in the growth of the plants. (But due to the continuous increase of the ph level, not all veg and fruit thrive from it. like potatoes).

It encourage the growth of plants that love calcium, like spinach, peas, avocados, tomatoes, vineyards, beans, garlic etc. Even rose bushes. you can add 1/4 cup of ash before you start planting.

It help Prevent frost damage to the plants in winter. if you add a layer of ash over them.

Plus animals hate ash. you can free your garden of insects and numerous parasites, like slugs and snails.

Problems with useing wood ash:

Wood ash is a useful by-product of bonfires, however there are a couple of things to avoid.

  • Avoid using an excessive amount of wood ash to not cause an excess in alkalinity in the soil.
  • Avoid using ash from treated wood as they may contain potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid using wood ash in areas where potatoes are to be planted in the following spring, because too much alkaline can encourage potato scab.

For more info get this book “Building Soil: A Down-to-Earth Approach” This book is a must to set you on the path to learning and maintaining the living soil system in your back yard. You will find that you opened a door for yourself into what is going on in Nature which will create a passion in you. Wonderful and well worth every penny spent…..thank you Elizabeth Murphy.

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