How to successfully grow green beans, even with a brown thumb!

green beans

The good thing about bush and Pole beans (more commonly called green beans) is, you don’t need to have a green thumb to be able to grow them. they’re easy to grow, fairly hardy, and almost fool-proof!

How do you plant green bean?

Choose a sunny area and plant the beans ten to sixteen inches apart and a foot or two in between rows. If you choose to raise pole beans, you’ll have to leave lots of room for whatever contraption the plants will be climbing. 

Make sure the soil has good drainage, and lots of compost mixed into it. Planting should begin once the soil has warmed up, so you don’t need to worry about the frost killing your seedlings.

What pests likes to eat bean plants?

cutworms, leafminers, and Armyworms are some of the common caterpillars who enjoy munching on bean plants. cucumber beetles, Bean weevils, and stinkbugs like eating them too.

When to Harvest green beans?

Beans are typically harvested once the pods are still small and tender. If you wait till they are very big, they are usually rather tough. However, if you’re planning on saving some seeds for next session, wait until the pods turn yellow. You’ll be able to shell the beans and save the seeds for next spring’s planting.

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