How To Use Epsom Salt To Grow Sweet & Tasty Tomatoes

A big healthy tomato plant use a lot of magnesium in the growing process and fruit production process. Keeping the soil magnesium level balanced can be hard. But you can accomplish that with applying Epsom salt regularly. Adding Epsom Salt to the soil, help tomatoes produce more blossoms, reduce the chance of getting blossom rot, and help tomato plants produce bigger fruits.

Plants that lack the right amount of magnesium may also have a decrease in sweetness, Epsom Salt is a good cheap source of magnesium. The plants absorb it easily and quickly, making it one of the best sources of magnesium for your garden.

There is 2 methods to use the Epsom Salt.

The First Method – Dig a hole in the place where you are going to plant your tomato seeds, and place one roughly one tablespoon of Epsom Salt in the hole, and cover the Epsom Salt with a thin layer of soil. After that, plant the tomato seedling in the hole gently.

The Second Method – Mix 1 Tablespoon of Epsom Salt in one gallon of water and water your tomato plants withe the solution every two weeks. p.s. if you mix the Epsom Salt with warm water, it will make dissolving Epsom Salt Easier.

What To Expect After Applying Epsom Salt To Tomato Plants:

By using the above methods many gardeners got the following results:

  • There tomato plants were less prone to getting blossom end rot.
  • There plants did produce fruits longer.
  • The Ripening tomato color were redder than usual.
  • There tomato plant did produce Larger fruits.
  • The fruits are sweet and juicy.
  • And they got Better seed germination.


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