If You Forgot to Plant your Spring Bulbs? It's Not Too Late!

Forgot to Plant Those Spring Bulbs? It’s Not Too Late! But you better not delay! If you have a bunch of bulbs that you never got around to planting in the ground, you can still try a forcing method.

Tulips and Daffodils require a min of 12 weeks for a rooting period. Simply place them in a pot with at least 2 inch’s soil below them. Cover with soil, water in and place in a cold, dark garage or cellar. After the cold period, place them in a warm sunny area.

They will bloom 2-4 weeks after that. SO, if you want to have a container full of pretty spring blooms by the end of April, do it right now 🙂

Try to leave a little space around each bulb but fill your containers so you get a nice burst of color

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