The Best Backpack Sprayers in the Market

Backpack sprayers can help you make fast and easy work of keeping your lawn, flowers and gardens healthy and thriving. It is most often used to take care of outdoor gardens and lawns as well as shrubs, but many people use backpack sprayers for other uses as well including cleaning the exterior of the home and cleaning garage floors and ceilings or even vehicles.

When you are looking for the right backpack sprayer for your needs, there are several accessories, options and features that you will want to consider before you purchase. The idea of a backpack sprayer is to make taking care of the tasks you are using it for much easier without putting extra strain on your body.

The information in this guide will help you look at all the factors involved in choosing the right backpack sprayer for your specific needs. Our objective is to make the purchasing process smooth and easy for you.

1. Chapin 20002 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides , 2 Gallon

This is a good sprayer for people having a small place. The total quantity is 2 gallon and can be filled with fertilizers, pesticides and water to take care of your plants.

The ergonomic design fits properly in your hand and you are always certain about caring for the smallest of plants. The material used is of good quality and can be used for a long time. It is reasonably priced and you can always choose to increase its range with a few add-ons.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

2. Birchmeier Senior 20K 5 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Birchmeier is one of the best available current players in the market. Though their price is on the higher side, its features make it an obvious choice.

It has a storage capacity of 5 gallons for extra productivity and comes with two years’ manufacturer’s warranty. It can easily be tagged as having the best backpack available in the market. Also, it has a superior built, with a stainless steel base and, metal components for valves and spraying tips, among other mentionable features.

This is a professional product meant for longer service and durability. Another great feature of this product is that it is completely rebuild-able.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

3. Smith Performance Sprayers NL400 4-Gallon

Smith Performance Sprayers are the tough players in the market. They are known to be durable and can withstand tough conditions.

They are more suitable for the needs of larger areas like agricultural lands, farming plots and bigger landscapes. This product comes with effective chemical resistance owing to the internal pump design.

Smith Sprayers boast of a 3X larger cycle life compared to the other available competitors. Not just that, they have fewer repair parts along with lesser repair time. The product can be easily assembled without any tools.

It has a foldable pump that is suitable both for right as well as left handed use, and has a breathable, full coverage nylon harness for comfort. These features make it more user friendly compared to other products. Again, different type of nozzles are available making it more versatile in terms of usability.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

4. 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

This product claims to be the best available in the market with a highly efficient 60 PSI pump and adjustable output dial. Going by the product details, it seems that the company has invested a lot of time in researching market competitors and then designing their product so as to have an edge over other popular players.

They have steel wands compared to the usual plastic ones which makes them more durable. Also, instead of screws, it has swaged battery terminals. It also has swaged hose connections compared to hose clamps which ensures lesser leaks and makes the product more reliable compared to others. Also, an inbuilt voltage meter is also provided. Different nozzles are also provided.

One important thing about this product is, along with standard instruction set, they provide a direct helpline number for any kind of technical assistance. And it comes with a well built body and better looks which makes the product a definite choice in the market.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

5. 4-Gallon Multi-Use Continuous-Pressure Backpack & Rolling Lithium-Ion Sprayer

Again, the name speaks for itself. This backpack sprayer has a capacity of four Gallons. But unlike other products, instead of a pump, it comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery, which eliminates the pain of manual spraying. This again is more favorable to maintain a constant tank pressure and consistent spraying.

The sprayer can reach out to a height of around fifteen meters while maintaining a continuous pressure of around 45 PSI. It has an extension wand provided which makes spraying easier to difficult areas. But the biggest advantage of a battery operated sprayer is that you can use it faster compared to manual spraying.

This sprayer boasts of more than 7 gallons of spray every time the battery is charged. You have different nozzle options too, the adjustable short nozzle for conical jet spray or the 18” extension wand to reach out to difficult areas.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

6. Roundup PRO 190412 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Herbicides

This is another Backpack Sprayer which ought to be there in your list of to be considered if you plan on getting one. This also comes with a no leak internal pump to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals while spraying which makes it a safer preference.

The product is quite durable with quality Viton seals to provide proper chemical resistance. Also, it comes with premium brass shut-offs and an in-line filter. Like the other product, this also has the benefit of being easily assembled without the use of any kind of tools. This product also comes with the availability of different types of nozzles to suit your needs.

There is the poly adjustable, the two flat pan nozzles, the foaming nozzle and TeeJet nozzles. The shoulder straps provided ensures that the sprayer doesn’t hurt his back while carrying it around.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

7. Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

Field King No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer does exactly what it says!! It’s leak-proof, ensuring that your back and your clothing stay dry while in use. It acts as a piston or a diaphragm backpack sprayer with an internal no leak pump. It boasts of Viton seals that can be easily changed without the help of any kind of tools.

Not just that, it can be used to spray in hard to reach areas. This product is truly versatile in the sense that it has multiple nozzles for easy spraying, it has a trigger-lock which spares your hands the pain of holding them for long, plus it has a built in pressure regulator so as to maintain a constant pressure and in case you need to have a high pressure a maximum pressure of 150-PSI is also available.

Also, different types of nozzles are provided to suit your different needs, there is the brass adjustable nozzle for streamlined to conical spraying, then there is the wide flat fan nozzle to spray at an angle of 70 degrees, it also has a narrow flat nozzle at an angle of 30 degrees, a foaming nozzle and TeeJet nozzles.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

8. Solo 473-P 3-Gallon Professional Backpack Sprayer

As the name suggests, this water sprayer has a capacity of three gallons and weighs around eight pounds. This can be used for spraying water, insecticide, pesticide, plant food or weed killer.

It has a large opening, about 4” in diameter, which helps in filling it up quickly. Moreover, the dual head nozzle is movable allowing you the flexibility to move it forward or backward for easy spraying. But in case you prefer a smaller coverage area, a capping facility is also available. A fine mesh is provided inside which prevents liquid from clogging and thus making it easier to use.

The product comes with a large hose which is very useful. Overall, the product offers good facility for outdoor use and can be assembled easily. A three-year warranty is usually given with this product which adds to its purchasing allure.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

9. Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer

Anybody who is buying a backpack sprayer looks for products which are easy to use as well as easy to assemble. The length of the spraying hose matters as well and the product built adds as an extra bonus. The users can also get a lock in option so that the spraying does not necessarily be interrupted and the user can have a seamless and uninterrupted flow. The product looks nice, however, there have been issues in certain areas like premature breakdown.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

10. Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer, 4 gallon

A sleek and handy product with good ergonomics, this product has a lot of features to offer for an attractive price. The presence of a long lance is really handy and can be used for longer distances. It also provides support for fertilizers and pesticides which keep your plants healthy. The device is easy to use and very light in weight. The total quantity of the product is 4 gallons so no need to fill your tank for every little distance you cover.

You can get the Backpack Sprayer from HERE.

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