The Best Raised Garden Bed in the Market

Bought three of these for our first ever raised garden beds. I was able to assemble both of them, singlehandedly, in less than 10 minutes. The only tools I used for the beds’ assembly were a power screwdriver for the post caps and a rubber mallet to help get everything together sound & square.

We put chicken wire & weed guard on the ground before filling them with soil to ward against digging critters.

We’ve had the beds set up for a little over 4 months now with no problems whatsoever! I was concerned that the soil was going to seep out the sides with a good rain, but after several downpours, the soil has stayed put & drains down through the ground properly. They look great, veggies are growing beautifully and the critters haven’t gotten to them 🙂 We plan on buying another ywo for next season. Great buy!

You can get it from HERE.
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