The BEST window bird feeder ever! Great product design?

This bird feeder is ideal for people who may or may not have a place to place a traditional bird feeder. This bird feeder can easily be mounted securely to the glass of the window. To refill the bird feeder I can just open up the bottom part of my window and use a cup to easily do it. I don’t use the tray just out of personal choice. It took the birds just two days to find their new feeding spot. They were cautious at first because of the close proximity and possibly the lights from my apartment.

When they are feeding I try to keep some distant from theme, so that they known that they are not in any risk and can eat in peace. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to get closer to the feeder without them flying away.

The box is gorgeous and can be given as a present easily. The birds appear to know not to bump into the window but i have window panes so i don’t know about other people. they do not create a mess when feeding as there is a drop off on the ledge so all that they are in contact with is the perch.

Tip: I found that the birds love sunflower seeds but they leave the shells in the feeder. which means I have to clean them out. I found that putting shelled sunflower seeds works better and make no mess and no waste. The drain holes seem to do a good job at draining rain water but are not large enough to lose any seed.

You can get this Bird Feeder from here – Amazon

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