Tips for Growing Beautiful Roses!

  • Sandi said: “I add used coffee grounds to the soil. It’s supposed too make the color/scent intense. And do not water from above.”
  • Heather said: “Used coffee grinds mixed in the soil works wonders!”
  • Vonna said: “Add epsom salt in the ground. It’s a tip from Martha Stewart!”
  • Deidre said: “Bury banana peels near the base of the rose bushes. They love them!”
  • Leslie said: “I have never had them before and the house we moved into this past summer has 13 bushes. They were all getting tall and lanky so I took a chance and cut them all back and when I say cut… I really cut. They are now beautifully shaped nice and bushy and full of buds. I do give them the banana peels, I just bury them at the base.”
  • Teresa said: “Water, combined with additives: iron, root stimulator, and miracle grow. Works like magic.”
  • Kimberly said: “I heard that dish soap suds poured around roots keep the bugs away!”
  • Lynda said: “Fireplace ashes work as a great winter fertilizer and trim the bushes as around mid March and then will bloom in May. Cut them back again and they will bloom again in the early part of fall.”
  • Cory said: “When watering, don’t get the leaves wet. They will get sunburned if wet in sunlight.”
  • Deb said: “I like Knockout Carefree Roses. They are a small rose that can take our extreme Midwest winters.”

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