What You Need to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

What You Need:

  • Shiitake mushroom plugs
  • Slightly seasoned hard wood, like oak or poplar
  • Beeswax, not required, but recommended
  • 5/16″ drill bit and drill to inoculate your logs
  • Hammer to inoculate your logs

If using beeswax, which is optional, but helps seal and protect your plugs…you’ll need to consider where you’re inoculating your logs and how you will melt the beeswax

If using beeswax, how will you apply it to the logs? I’ve seen sponge brushes recommended, but am considering just pouring over?

Where are you going to leave your inoculated logs? It needs to be dark, and preferably not overly hot or dry.

Logs should be about 3-4 feet in length, and not over 14 inches in diameter. This is per my shiitake plug instructions, I’ve seen it vary a bit on other mushroom posts online. So don’t stress if your wood isn’t EXACTLY the right size, OK? 🙂

From what I’ve read, mushroom logs are super low maintenance. Their only need is to be kept shaded and moist, especially prior to fruiting. So figure on checking your baby shroom logs a few times a week in the beginning, until you get a feel for how often they need to be “watered”.

If you sealed your logs with wax, according to my shiitake plug directions, you’ll be able to space your watering out to just once or twice a month.

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